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CES/Doetsch Cleans Peachtree Interceptor for City of Atlanta

CES/Doetsch Works for the City of Atlanta and Ruby-Collins, Inc. on Peachtree Creek Trunk Stabilization Project


Equipment for long reach cleaning

Compliance EnviroSystems and Doetsch Environmental Services team up to clean the Peachtree interceptor, a 15,000 foot, 66″ – 96″ diameter sewer pipe, that runs through Atlanta, Georgia.

The Peachtree Creek Trunk Sewer is a cast-in-place, arch-shaped, gravity sewer, installed in approximately 1934, and now displays evidence of structural weakness. Sewer spills have contaminated Peachtree Creek and the surrounding area for years. This stabilization project will prevent sewer system overflows from occurring. Once the cleaning is complete, Ruby-Collins Inc. will tackle the task of installing a liner throughout the length of the pipe to ensure its structural integrity. The rehabilitation of the Peachtree Creek Trunk sewer is to be performed using a Grouted PVC Profile Sewer Pipe Liner.

The city of Atlanta continues to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to municipal sewer system asset management. Watch Mikita Browning, consent decree program director for City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management, as she discusses the plans for this project with WSB-TV. 

This large diameter and specialty cleaning project commenced in early 2018 and will run through the spring of 2019.

Jetting and vacuuming at a manhole

Large reel and debris box




See what happens when experience meets innovation.


See what happens when experience meets innovation.