Storm Recovery Services

CES’ storm response and recovery division specialize in full-service disaster recovery. CES can mobilize after a disaster in as little as 72 hours.


When floodwaters recede, river silt and other foreign objects accumulate in the storm water catch basins and collection lines. In areas where homes were affected by the floodwaters, the catch basins also become victim to shards of sheetrock, insulation and construction debris associated with the gutting of homes that flood. This debris can be removed and is categorically reimbursable under the code of federal regulations (CFR) as it relates to the declaration of this disaster. Our work for several municipalities following natural disasters has garnered our extensive experience in this area. We are intimately familiar with the process from procurement to reimbursement.


Sanitary and storm sewer lines in the affected areas are subject to immense problems. If the lines were left in a surcharged state under floodwater for a significant amount of time, they could qualify for removal of the debris from these collection lines. Gravity sewers are designed to “self-scour” under normal conditions and healthy flows in the systems. When pump stations are down due to flood conditions, as well as individual basins in the system under floodwater, the lines become silted due to the settlement of the debris in the lines coupled with the lack of flow.

CES has PROVEN EXPERIENCE working with local, state and federal authorities during recovery phases of natural disasters. Including Hurricane Katrina (2005), Hurricane Rita (2005), Hurricane Ike (2008), Hurricane Gustav (2008), Hurricane Issac (2012), Hurricane Harvey (2017) and Hurricane Nate (2017).


CES storm recovery services include:

• Program development
• Program management
• Expert FEMA relations and protocols
• Sewage hauling
Pump Station Bypass (Flow control)
Sanitary and storm sewer cleaning
Sewerage inspections

See what happens when experience meets innovation.


See what happens when experience meets innovation.