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CES Maximizes Environmental Sustainability, Strengthens Overall Customer Experience

Compliance EnviroSystems Goes Green with Data Packaging in 2020

Compliance EnviroSystems, LLC (CES), a leading underground infrastructure evaluation company, strengthens its commitment to protecting the environment by using the world’s most eco-friendly bubble mailers. Manufactured by EcoEnclose, the packaging is made with at least 32.5% recycled content and is fully recyclable.

CES’s new branded recycled bubble mailers.

CES uses a variety of software at their advanced data center to evaluate sanitary sewers and storm drains. The tools used depend on client preference, and the software and equipment available based on the project location. Mainly, CES data techs utilize Granite, Pipe Tech, and WinCan (and associated modules) for sanitary sewer system evaluation surveys. PipeLogix is the preferred tool for evaluating manhole inspections, and Granite is used to triple-check the work. Esri, ArcMap, and ArcGIS Pro are used for GIS map creation, as well as traditional Microsoft Office products.

Jason Carrell, CES data management coordinator, explains that pipe quality affects daily production, both in the field and at the data center:

“If we view data processing like field production, you can estimate that the turnaround time will be equivalent. Older pipes with more defects will take longer to evaluate in the field and when reviewing for quality assurance and quality control, compared to new pipes with less debris and defects,” says Carrell.

CES Data Management Coordinator, Jason Carrell, analyzes incoming data at the CES data center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Once a project is complete, and the data center receives all collected data, CES aims to deliver reports within two weeks. This results in CES shipping approximately 1,000 USB flash drives and hard drives annually, so finding an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging system that still sufficiently protects the clients’ data (i.e., cushioned and water-resistant containers) has long been a high priority for the company.  Other eco-friendly means of CES data delivery already include the use of cloud technology (Dropbox and Box) and FTP file transfers.

CES is committed to investing in new technology and its employees so that clients receive the best possible evaluations; committing to sustainable packaging in 2020 is just another way CES is protecting our environment’s future and enhancing the overall customer experience.

See what happens when experience meets innovation.


See what happens when experience meets innovation.